Transparency & Open Government

Improving how our community connects and engages with their government was a campaign promise that we’re proud to have made and kept.

  • Multiple community, HOA, and neighborhood meetings, both in-person and virtual
  • Hired first Public Information Officer to improve communication with residents, businesses, and organizations
  • Implemented live-streaming of Township Council, Zoning, and Planning Board meetings well before COVID-19 pushed towns to do the same; Extended live-streaming to the Evesham MUA and Evesham Fire-Rescue
  • First to roll-out a Township app, Evesham Connect
  • Began broadcasting Council, Zoning, and Planning Board meetings on Comcast and Verizon public access channels
  • Launched an updated and re-designed website to ease viewing and navigation
  • Began the Everyday Evesham weekly newsletter

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