Roads and Infrastructure

When we took office, there was no long-term maintenance plan that prioritized the most needed road improvements for the over 200 miles of road in our township. We corrected that, directing the Township Engineer to evaluate all of our roads and bridges, and create an orderly road repair process based on actual road conditions.

We secured major grant funding for road and sidewalk improvements around town, such as Crown Royal Parkway, North Maple Avenue, and Lincoln Drive, improving our infrastructure without costing taxpayers.

We partnered with our Burlington County government to highlight and get improvements for North Maple Avenue, Evesboro-Medford Road, and Marlton Parkway.

Working with the community around Union Mill Lake, we were able to find a solution to the dam and roadway that had been crumbling for years before we took office, finding a solution that saved the community’s lake, homes, and repaired the dam and roadway at the same time.

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