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Patricia Hansen for Council

PATRICIA (PAT) HANSEN is a 33-year resident of Evesham Township and has lived in Evesham’s Green Lane Farms neighborhood with her spouse since 1989. Since 2019, Pat has served as a member of the Evesham Township Council. Pat has been worked with her Councilmates and the community to restore and invest in local parks and recreation, improve our roads and infrastructure, support small businesses, and keep Evesham Township on solid fiscal footing. As a Councilmember, Pat has also served as an representative of Evesham Township to various organizations within and outside of Evesham Township, bringing back information and resources to the town and giving our residents and businesses a voice beyond our township borders.

Pat worked for Amtrak beginning in 1973, started in reservations and many other facets of Amtrak and moving up within the organization. For her last 20 years at Amtrak, she worked as a Human Resources Assignment Specialist. In this role, Pat served as the liaison between management and 6,000+ union employees. Pat was responsible for assigning jobs to Amtrak’s union employees and ensuring contract compliance.

During her long tenure at Amtrak, Pat was elected to five terms as the president of the 3,200-member Transportation Communications Union covering the Philadelphia area all the way to Washington, DC. She worked to clean up the organization and end management neglect. Pat also mentored the next union president and was part of a team that protected employees from unfair terminations.

Prior to the 2015 Supreme Court civil rights decision, Pat worked to ensure that Amtrak employees and their same-sex partners had the same benefits and equality as married employees, which required advocating for changing federal regulations and laws. Pat has enjoyed serving on the Evesham Township Council and participating in community activities such as cleaning up hiking trails at the Black Run Preserve, advocating and representing the LGBTQ+ community at state and regional events, and continuing to take art classes at the Center for the Arts in Southern New Jersey.

LGBTQ+ Endorsements

Councilwoman Hansen is proud to be a recipient of a 2022 Victory Fund endorsement. Victory Fund is “the only national organization dedicated to electing openly LGBTQ people who can further equality at all levels of government.” You can find out more about Councilwoman Hansen’s endorsement at and support Pat and her team with a donation.

It is an honor to be recognized by the NJ LGBTQ+ Democrats @njlgbtdems, who are “dedicated to the mission of diversity, representation and visibility at all levels of government and policy-making in New Jersey.”

Experience & Education

Join Councilwoman Hansen and her team this year – Sign-up to become a volunteer, donate, or email the campaign at to find out other ways to get involved.

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