Our Vision, Our Record

Our Vision

Keeping Evesham Affordable by continuing to prioritize fiscal stability and stewardship. Instead of short-term planning and band-aid solutions, we have focused on long-term plans, bringing in more alternative sources of revenue (like grants) while cutting waste and emphasizing better management practices to maintain a high quality of services without increasing the burden on taxpayers. This has resulted in fiscal stability for taxpayers and no municipal tax increases for the past four years.

Keeping Evesham Safe by investing in our police and public safety. Fully funding our police, maintaining staffing levels, and ensuring they have the necessary equipment keeps our community safe. Working together and finding ways to bring in new grant funding for our police and other first responders helps expand their ability to do their jobs well. And keeping our town safe means continuing to have a positive working relationship with our school districts to ensure full School Resource Officer coverage and protecting our children every school day despite state education funding cuts.

Investing in our Roads and Infrastructure by sticking to the long-term, town-wide plan developed by our Township Engineer for maintaining our roads and bridges. We need to continue to find new and alternative methods to fund our road and infrastructure investments by fully utilizing our grant writing service and seeking out funding opportunities from federal, state, and county sources so that we can invest in even more road, sidewalk, and crosswalk upgrades and repairs without burdening taxpayers or making cuts elsewhere in the budget.

Leading by Example – Leading with respect for all residents and businesses, regardless of politics, identity, or other factors. Integrating inclusiveness and equity into the policy and decision-making process. Making decisions based on resiliency, growth, and community input. Encouraging Township administrators to be innovative, maximize technological opportunities and be forward thinking. Balancing the many needs and priorities of our residents and businesses, and sharing those needs with federal, state, county, and other local leadership to get our residents the resources and services they need. Continuing to find ways to deliver the best services and programs at the lowest cost.

Our Record

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