Better Leadership, Better Management

Running a town of almost 50,000 residents is not easy, but it’s made easier when we have the best administrators and personnel leading the way. By focusing on efficiencies, technology, and modernization, and always putting residents first, we have accomplished a lot such as:

  • Bringing integrity and respect to Council meetings and towards all residents.
  • Hiring a highly qualified Township Manager, Chief of Police, and other managers following their predecessors’ retirements.
  • Reorganizing the township government to focus employees on their departments instead of overlapping areas of responsibility, which helped turn the Indian Spring Golf Course around and improved services to seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities.
  • Rolling out a new and improved website, live-streaming of Township meetings, Everyday Evesham newsletter, and our first official Township app, Evesham Connect.
  • Finishing the Department of Public Works move to its new location on Sharp Road
  • Passing rules and guidelines to hire local, trained, and safe union workers for low-cost maintenance jobs on township property, ensuring fair wages and the use of skilled labor
  • Passing rules requiring public construction contractors to certify participation in an apprenticeship training program
  • Finding new and creative ways to inform residents about services, opportunities, volunteering, and assistance
  • Updated our Township’s electronic property tax payment system, adding scheduled payments and other features
  • Making sure all of our residents were counted in the 2020 Census
  • Remodeling the Gibson House Community Center

Part of our leadership style and vision is leadership by example, which is why we expanded efforts to reach out to and guide the next generation of leaders through youth leadership activities. The students of the Township’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) developed their leadership skills and commitment to the community with

  • Mock Council Meetings
  • Holiday food drives
  • Supply collections for soldiers serving overseas
  • Creating informational materials and videos promoting and raising awareness for “Mental Health Awareness Month”
  • Holding a Green Community Roundtable
  • Park cleanup and beautification
  • Donating goodie bags to Evesham’s first responders
  • Creating an environmental sustainability project
  • Volunteering at community events, and
  • Getting an up-close look at how local government works.

We are also proud to have created a YAC college scholarship award, the first of which was awarded this year to a Cherokee High School senior.

The COVID-19 pandemic occupied more than half of our term and called for proactive decision-making and tough choices to ensure that our township’s finances did not suffer too much. We’re proud to say that our actions mitigated financial losses and prevented permanent layoffs of township employees.

We saved our township finances and employees while continuing to serve our residents, many of whom were impacted by the pandemic. We extended the grace period for property tax payments, providing at least some relief for residents who may have just lost their jobs or been stricken by some other hardship.

Keeping residents and businesses informed, directing them to the resources and assistance they need, and working with county, state, and national leadership to bring in resources helped us weather the pandemic better than other towns.

We made the most out of the pandemic by increasing the number of outdoor community events, including Outdoor Movie Nights, expos, and celebrations, to keep our community connected and our spirits strong.

We also doubled down on supporting our local businesses with the creation of the Evesham Economic Advisory Council and programs to help local businesses such as the Evesham Shares webinars, Marlton Mondays, Marlton Summer Services, Marlton aMAYzing Services Month, and Evesham Township Care’s Month to promote eating and shopping locally.

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