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Heather Cooper for Council

HEATHER COOPER has been a member of the Evesham Township Council since 2019. For the past three years, Heather has been chosen by her Council peers to serve as the Deputy Mayor. In these roles, Heather works with her colleagues to approve policies, the annual budget, and capital improvements, and to ensure that the community has the resources and services it needs to continue to keep Evesham a fiscally sound and thriving township. She has also used her position to establish relationships on behalf of Evesham Township with regional Chambers of Commerce and other state and regional associations. Ensuring that the township is represented at all levels has been a cornerstone of Heather’s work as a member of the Council and as Deputy Mayor.

Heather and her family are proud residents of Evesham Township, choosing many years ago to make Marlton the community in which they would raise their children, who are now entering their teenage years. Heather first started contributing to the community, like many parents do, by participating in her children’s school’s PTOs and PTAs, her local homeowner association, and other organizations in and around Evesham Township and Burlington County. Her interest grew from there as she saw opportunities to support, encourage, and be an advocate for change for her fellow Evesham township residents.

Heather holds an Executive-level Master’s degree in Public Administration from Rutgers University and has worked in the human services field on behalf of people who experience disabilities for more than 25 years. Her leadership in the human services field, as an administrator, has given her extensive experience in operations, organizational development, and resource services. She is committed to advocacy through organizational development and relationship-building to enhance community partnerships and her public service role on the Evesham Township Council.

In addition to her career and motherhood, Heather commits herself to various county and civic advisory boards and committees, where she engages with local, county, and state volunteers and leaders. She contributes to these organizations with her experience and know-how about the legislative, state, and local governmental processes. In these roles, Heather is able to gain and share knowledge and bring resources and services back to Evesham residents.

Heather balances family, work, and public service with a strong desire to give to her community and to make a positive impact in as many places and ways as she can. Her strong relationships with county, state, and congressional offices have allowed her to spearhead many initiatives for Evesham residents and bring financial and other resources into the community. She has focused on and cares about: youth leadership development, addressing education and awareness of addiction treatment and resources, and inclusion opportunities for people who experience disabilities. In addition, health and wellness have always been a priority for her and her family; Heather is an avid yoga practitioner and fitness guru and has blended those interests into her public service.

Experience & Education

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