Our Environment

Protecting our environment began by embracing and empowering the work of our Evesham Environmental Commission. Through the Environmental Commission, Township offices and programs, and partnering with organizations like the Friends of the Black Run Preserve, New Jersey Future, Pinelands Preservation Alliance and Rutgers’ Cooperative Extension Program, we have moved our township forward on a number of environmental issues and practices including but not limited to:

  • Commissioned a Park Inventory and Assessment Report to identify all park and recreation properties and develop a long-term, sustainable plan for future improvements and repairs
  • Upgraded the Township website with a central “Recreation and Open Space Information” page, helping inform residents of the multiple parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities within our township
  • Currently updating the Recreation and Open Space Inventory with community input sessions
  • Green and native plant, landscape makeover, and “Go Green” seminars
  • Community and virtual meetings about the future of the Beagle Club property
  • Improvements and grant funding for the Black Run Preserve
  • Eco-Solutions display at the Evesham library
  • Ellis Property Superfund Site remediation and public information sessions
  • Cambridge Park neighborhood stream assessment and cleanup
  • Raingardens at the Blue Barn, Evesham library, Elmwood Road MUA plant, and the Marlton Lakes clubhouse and boathouse; New rainwater cistern for the Community Garden
  • Grant-funded native tree planting
  • Ended the release of balloons to prevent plastic pollution and harm to wildlife

Finally, for her work on environmental issues, Councilwoman Hansen was recognized by the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions with the “Municipal Environmental Leadership Award.”

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