Disability Services & Inclusiveness

We created the Disability and Veterans Advisory Committee to identify the issues and needs of the members of our community living with disabilities. We conducted Evesham’s first Disability Community and Inclusion Survey, held community meetings focused on disability issues and awareness, and, through the Committee, regularly raised awareness about living with disabilities, held seminars, and provided information and resources.

Thanks to our grant-writing service, the Township secured a $100,000 Inclusive Healthy Communities Grant for its work on disability and inclusiveness, another grant to employ young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and a two grants for the Marlton Recreational Council’s Sports Unity Program.

The Township has also created or partnered with organizations to hold events for people with disabilities such as the “All In” Disabilities Awareness Night between the school district and police department; Autism Awareness Color Run and Sensory Walk, and Special Needs Adult Program Game Night.

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