Supporting Small & Local Business

Our small and local businesses are essential to our community’s prosperity, providing good paying jobs and investments back into our town. While our town doesn’t have nearly the same resources as our state or federal government, we have done what we can to connect our local businesses with grants, loans, and other assistance programs.

We also created a number of our own programs to promote shopping and eating locally, partnering with local businesses to help them while bringing discounts to residents at the same time. One of those programs, Marlton Bucks, was funded by a one-for-one match of American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act funds from the Federal government and Marlton Bucks purchases from participating residents, injecting a combined $50,000 directly into our small and local business community.

Establishing the Evesham Economic Advisory Council has also helped us in our mission, bringing knowledge and expertise to our local government so we can help our local businesses thrive. And for the first time, we held a Job Fair and Career Expo to connect Evesham businesses and job-seekers.

We have been fortunate to team up with Congressional, State, and County leadership to bring resources and listening tours to our town. Working with other leaders helps our businesses get what they need and raise important issues with lawmakers.

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